The Railway Operating Division - A commemoration in Train Simulator

Update, Monday 1st April 2019

Please note that the text and maps below are no longer fully valid - A refocusing of aims has meant that we intend to now start by replicating the area immediately surrounding Hazebrouck and shall work outwards from there, rather than in the set 'Phases' given below.

Map showing the route and its three phases.

Aims of the Project

The project is intended not purely as an interesting exercise in Train Simulator route building, but also as a commemoration of the men, and to some extent the machines, that served with the Railway Operating Division in Europe and beyond. It will be hard to do the route the justice it deserves, but we hope to pull it off with the respect and quality it needs.


The other aim of the project is to provide a home for the increasing amount of ROD liveried locomotives for Train  Simulator.

Phase one of the project.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the project is perhaps the most interesting operationally, and will form the basis of the rest of the route. Phase 1 contains 10 stations, several yards, and a tramway. The triangular shape is formed by Arques, Aire and Hazebrouck. This is the section intended to be completed by June 28th 2019, the centenary of the signing of The Treaty of Versailles.

Phase two of the project.

Phase 2

Phase 2 takes the route Northwards from Hazebrouck to Bavinghove and Poperinge, then onwards to some of the many yards and sidings to the North of Poperinge. There is a proliferation of Narrow Gauge WDLR lines on this section of the route as the front line draws closer.

Phase three of the project.

Phase 3

Although it is the standard gauge lines that have been highlighted on the map, this section of the route, almost up to the front line trenches themselves, will focus more on the narrow gauge and light railways as the devastation and destruction towards Ypres renders the standard gauge lines unusable, and the larger nature of the stock leaves it more vulnerable to attack.