The Railway Operating Division - A commemoration in Train Simulator


Downloads relevant to the project, including reskins and any other things really, will -for now- be available here:

Other train simulator downloads, not specifically relevant to the project, can be found here:

NER T2 Reskin into ROD Livery (to represent the NER T1s, all of which served with the ROD), and is supplied courtesy of Victory Works. Installing the reskin creates a new addon folder called LNERQ6_ROD which will need to be selected in the scenario editor along with the original LNERQ6. There is an included number list for the loco which goes from 5650-5699 but the number may be changed and it will be automatically sent to the tender. It supports the selection of the visible piston cap with the 5th digit and an optional headcode as the 6th. Being a reskin, the loco will of course require the LNER Q6 (NER T2) Pack from Victory Works, available to purchase on Steam here: and the Reskin itself is available here:

Railway Operating Division Ambulance Train Reskin:

LBSCR Panter Brake Van and LBSCR 5-Plank Wagon Reskins: