The Railway Operating Division - A commemoration in Train Simulator


There are many people to thank already, but a comprehensive list will be posted in due course:


Street Level Models/The Condensed Loco Co. for providing some of the reskins, creating the basis of the route and for laying the track, as well as helping with the storytelling aspect of the scenarios.

Gaëtan Hinterscheid (Locomotiveman1994) for doing much of the 'leg-work' regarding research, writing and creating the scenarios and for inspiring me to put some impetus back into the project.

Pierre Gauriat for providing much of the included rolling stock and the included custom assets without which the route just wouldn't be right.

Steve Pontin for providing our first, and so far only, Narrow Gauge locomotive for the route.

Peter (of Victory Works) for supporting the project, allowing the use of his GWR wagons and providing a reskin for his NER T2.

Gordon Mackenzie (of Matrix Trains) for supporting the project and allowing the use of his GWR clerestory coaches.

Matthias (of 3DZug) for supporting the project and permitting the inclusion of CIWL Car No.2419D. This will be from their Orient Express carriage pack, which can be found here:

Armstrong Powerhouse for permitting the modification of their Wherry Lines route, even though we are no longer using it.

The Royal Logistic Corps Museum for supporting the project and offering research assistance once they're fully settled in at their new Worthy Down home.

The SNCF Archives for supporting the project by assisting with research.

The SNCB Archives for supporting the project by assisting with research and the provision of detailed maps and rolling stock drawings.

The UKtrainsim, RailSimFR and to some extent RMweb and Dovetail Games forums for providing a platform to discuss the project and gain assistance.